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Kenyan-Heart is busy working towards excellent heart health for as many people as we can reach.

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Kenyan-Heart partners with UEFA and WHF to "Make a Healthy Heart your Goal"!

Kenyan-Heart National Foundation (KHNF) through World Heart Federation (WHF) was privileged to be granted the mandate by UEFA, to run the initiative “Make a Healthy Heart your Goal” with a special focus on Girls and the youth in Kenya. It is a FIRST in East Africa.

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June / 2014

  • - Analysis exercise of Strep Sore Throat (SST) Data from participating clinics in collaboration with intern Dr. David Philpott from University of Texas.

July / 2014

  • - WHF/UEFA funded Football Tournament on Saturday 12th July 2014.
  • - Conclusion of the data collection phase of the Nutrition Research at Westlands Primary School.

September / 2014

  • - September, the "Heart Month": Activities for creating awareness on Heart Disease Prevention.
  • - World Heart Day-2014 (WHD) Celebrations Activities on Saturday, 20th September 2014.

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Mobile: +254 729 625741 and +254 735408784
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Talking Walls
Kenyan-Heart at work

Excited students pose for a photo at thier school's Kenyan-Heart Talking Wall. see more talking walls here >>

The “Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls” are Yet another tool for imparting knowledge & information on How to Prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease.

The “Kenya-Heart Talking Walls” is an initiative of the Kenyan-Heart National Foundation that was launched on 16th February 2006. Due to its graphical nature, the Kenyan-Heart Talking walls have turned out to be a very effective Teaching Aid for both the Teachers who are patrons of the Kenyan-Heart Clubs and the Children.

Kenyan-Heart’s desire is to have a Kenyan-Heart Talking Wall in all Schools within the Nairobi Eastlands Project Area & subsequently to the rest of the primary schools in the country. So far KHNF has painted Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls in 19 Schools within the project area.

The Aim of the “The Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls” is to spread the message of Prevention of RHD through Early detection of a Strep-Sore-Throat followed by Prompt & correct Treatment of the same.

This Information is targeted at the School-going-Children, the Neighbouring Communities that come to the School plus the general public.

Symptoms of a Strep-Sore-Throat are Clearly Painted on a Conspicuous School Wall that will be Visible at All times for Students & Passers-by.

Since Rheumatic Heart Disease is a Disease of Damaged Heart Valves, we also Paint a Heart-Diagram on the same wall, to indicate where Heart Valves are located and the flow of Oxygenated and Deoxygenated blood into & out of the Heart. This Heart Painting has also become an Important Teaching Aid, for Schools.

Since it is Children from age 5-15 Years that are Most Vulnerable to acquiring Rheumatic Heart Disease, the “Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls” were born out of a need to Constantly Remind these Children while in School, the Symptoms of A Strep-Sore Throat & what to do, should they ever get those symptoms.

An Untreated Streptococcal Sore Throat is the one that triggers the deadly Rheumatic Heart Disease.
Kenyan-Heart Paints the Symptoms of A Strep-Sore Throat on the Most Conspicuous Wall in the School so that Children can Read & Remember them on a daily basis.

The “Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls” Initiative however is not limited to the School Community. Kenyan-Heart National Foundation’s goal is to expand this Initiative even to the outside Community and paint Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls in some of the Public Places especially Clinics.

The Information on the Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls has been narrowed to the Symptoms of a Strep-Sore throat as it is in the Primary Prevention stage of Rheumatic Heart Disease and also due to limited funding.
However with more funds, Kenyan-Heart National Foundation, hopes to also paint walls on the symptoms of Acute Rheumatic Fever & Rheumatic Heart Disease.

What do we do?
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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Factors Prevention
Are you at risk? Find out more about this critical issue.
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Read some interesting Kenyan-Heart material.
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World Heart Day
Kenyan-Heart joins other countries around the world in marking World Heart Day every September.
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Rheumatic Heart Disease Prevention Program
Kenyan-Heart's CORE business is the Prevention of Heart Diseases and in particular Rheumatic Heart Disease.
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Talking Walls
The “Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls” are Yet another tool for imparting knowledge & information on How to Prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease.
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Kenyan-Heart Clubs
Kenyan-Heart Clubs showcase their Creative activities with the aim of Spreading the Message of Rheumatic Heart Disease Prevention.
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Local Committees Involvement
Kenyan-Heart Selects Leaders of various Groups right from the Grassroot & Educates them... once Empowered with this knowledge (they) are able to now Reach others from their Communities
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Treatment Program
For some prevention is no longer an option. For those who require urgent medical intervention, Kenyan-Heart makes an effort to assist needy patients access treatment.
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