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Kenyan-Heart is busy working towards excellent heart health for as many people as we can reach.

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Kenyan-Heart partners with UEFA and WHF to "Make a Healthy Heart your Goal"!

Kenyan-Heart National Foundation (KHNF) through World Heart Federation (WHF) was privileged to be granted the mandate by UEFA, to run the initiative “Make a Healthy Heart your Goal” with a special focus on Girls and the youth in Kenya. It is a FIRST in East Africa.

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June / 2014

  • - Analysis exercise of Strep Sore Throat (SST) Data from participating clinics in collaboration with intern Dr. David Philpott from University of Texas.

July / 2014

  • - WHF/UEFA funded Football Tournament on Saturday 12th July 2014.
  • - Conclusion of the data collection phase of the Nutrition Research at Westlands Primary School.

September / 2014

  • - September, the "Heart Month": Activities for creating awareness on Heart Disease Prevention.
  • - World Heart Day-2014 (WHD) Celebrations Activities on Saturday, 20th September 2014.

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Facilitator Manual

empowering children to take charge of their heart health

Good health and nutrition are important for a child to grow and learn well. Most children are not adequately informed on how to make the right food choices, and of the importance of a healthy nutritious diet.

This is a World Heart Federation initiative, run through the Kenyan-Heart National Foundation. Kenyan-Heart has developed a manual to be used as a tool kit guide for teachers in primary schools. This guide will help educators teach children about healthy diet and physical activity in a fun and exciting way.

To achieve good grades and live a full life our children must learn about the importance of healthy diet and physical fitness. The tools in this manual can be adapted easily to suit your needs using whatever material is locally available to the facilitators and the students. There are five (5) lessons to be carried out for a period of five weeks. It is our hope that after these 5 weeks a good foundation will have been set, allowing the children and teachers to build on.

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The Nairobi Eastland Children's Heart Education Project

An Evaluation for DHF and KHNF Conducted by F Bukachi and B Mayosi

Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) is the commonest heart disease in children and young adults in developing countries. This is primarily a disease of poverty, which explains its geographic occurrence. Superimposed on this persistent and often neglected condition is the growing epidemic of coronary artery disease (CAD). In 2002 the Danish Heart Association (DHA) undertook the task of participating in the “The African Twinning Project” - a capacity building initiative by the World Heart Federation (WHF). The purpose of the project was to support and facilitate the establishment of heart associations in Africa with the intention of preventing the threat posed by the epidemic of heart disease, particularly CAD.

Following the launch of this initiative, the Kenyan Heart National Foundation (KHNF) was established in 2003 as a cooperate effort of the WHF, the DHA and Ms. Elizabeth Gatumia, its present Chief Executive Officer. The Foundation operates as a medical charity with a mission to prevent, reduce, control, treat and manage heart disease through public awareness and education . Its activities are focused mainly on prevention of heart disease, and especially RHD3. Thus, in 2005 the KHNF launched a two-year RHD primary prevention project in the Nairobi’s Eastlands slums. This pilot project entitled ‘The Nairobi Eastlands Children Heart Education Project’ was started partly on the premise that ‘the disease spreads excessively due to lack of qualified treatment; the medical staff lack the expertise, and the knowledge about the disease and, thus its consequences among the slum areas’. The pilot project is funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) and the Danish Heart Foundation (DHF).

‘The Nairobi Eastlands Children Heart Education Project’ referred to in this document as the KHNF RHD prevention project is an education project targeting members of the local communities, schools and health facilities. To achieve its objectives, the KHNF employs a variety of methods including: workshops, seminars, open-air public meetings, pamphlets and leaflets, role play by school children, and the media. This evaluation examines, among other aspects, the successes, challenges and opportunities of implementing the pilot project. Special focus is given to the appropriateness of choosing the target groups; the effectiveness of the methods used in the education campaign; and the overall impact of the campaign in improving the knowledge and skills of health providers in managing and reporting patients with RHD.

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Rheumatic Fever Booklet

Did you know that a sore throat could lead to Heart Disease?

A Strep Sore throat should not be taken lightly. Indeed a Strep Sore Throat can lead to a very serious heart disease called Rheumatic Heart Disease which children are especially susceptible to. The good news is that this disease is preventable.

Kenyan-Heart National Foundation has prepared a booklet about 'Strep Sore Throat' and Rheumatic Heart Disease. It has been produced in collaboration with World Health Organization, ISFC, UNESCO and DANIDA. The booklet is available for download in both English and Kiswahili versions.

downloadIconSmallDownload English version (PDF)

downloadIconSmallDownload Kiswahili version (PDF)

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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Factors Prevention
Are you at risk? Find out more about this critical issue.
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Read some interesting Kenyan-Heart material.
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World Heart Day
Kenyan-Heart joins other countries around the world in marking World Heart Day every September.
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Rheumatic Heart Disease Prevention Program
Kenyan-Heart's CORE business is the Prevention of Heart Diseases and in particular Rheumatic Heart Disease.
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Talking Walls
The “Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls” are Yet another tool for imparting knowledge & information on How to Prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease.
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Kenyan-Heart Clubs
Kenyan-Heart Clubs showcase their Creative activities with the aim of Spreading the Message of Rheumatic Heart Disease Prevention.
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Local Committees Involvement
Kenyan-Heart Selects Leaders of various Groups right from the Grassroot & Educates them... once Empowered with this knowledge (they) are able to now Reach others from their Communities
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Treatment Program
For some prevention is no longer an option. For those who require urgent medical intervention, Kenyan-Heart makes an effort to assist needy patients access treatment.
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