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Kenyan-Heart is busy working towards excellent heart health for as many people as we can reach.

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Kenyan-Heart partners with UEFA and WHF to "Make a Healthy Heart your Goal"!

Kenyan-Heart National Foundation (KHNF) through World Heart Federation (WHF) was privileged to be granted the mandate by UEFA, to run the initiative “Make a Healthy Heart your Goal” with a special focus on Girls and the youth in Kenya. It is a FIRST in East Africa.

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June / 2014

  • - Analysis exercise of Strep Sore Throat (SST) Data from participating clinics in collaboration with intern Dr. David Philpott from University of Texas.

July / 2014

  • - WHF/UEFA funded Football Tournament on Saturday 12th July 2014.
  • - Conclusion of the data collection phase of the Nutrition Research at Westlands Primary School.

September / 2014

  • - September, the "Heart Month": Activities for creating awareness on Heart Disease Prevention.
  • - World Heart Day-2014 (WHD) Celebrations Activities on Saturday, 20th September 2014.

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Address: Kenyan-Heart National Foundation (KHNF), Viking House, 3rd Floor, Westlands  Waiyaki Way, Opposite CBA
P.O. Box: 59178 - 00200, Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 2 4452214 / 3005084
Mobile: +254 729 625741 and +254 735408784
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Ours is a Work of Heart
Kenyan-Heart at work

A section of participants from various schools are briefed before undertaking a 5km walk in celebration of the 2010 edition of World Heart Day. Kenyan-Heart organized this and other activities to mark the occasion.

Issues that affect your heart's health are our concern. Kenyan-Heart is at the forefront of the fight against the widespread effects of heart disease and how the heart, a most vital organ in the body, can be kept in good health.

Even though out primary mandate addresses heart matters, we are keen to maintain a holistic approach to health as demonstrated in the different programs Kenyan-Heart is actively working in.

Kenyan-Heart National Foundation runs Three Programs:

1 - Kenyan-Heart Disease Prevention Program

This is our main area of focus and the core business of KHNF. We believe that prevention of any disease is always better and cheaper than treatment. We empower the general public by providing relevant information to allow them to make informed choices and lifestyle changes to live heart healthy. We also encourage thorough examination of children at all clinics countrywide for early detection of not only heart disease but other diseases as well. Currently our focus is on Rheumatic Hert Disease prevention which primarily affects children age 5-15yrs.

2 - Kenyan-Heart Disease Treatment Program

We offer subsidised Closed and Open Heart surgeries to needy Kenyan children and youth diagnosed with operatable heart conditions. KHNF has partnered with Childspring International-Atlanta and Kenyatta National Hospital in this purely doner funded program. We also source Management Drugs and Services for very needy patients required to be on regular medication.

3 - Kenyan-Heart Disease Research & Training Program

We work closely with the Ministry of Public Health-NCD dept to gather information on the prevalance of Strep-sore throat, Rheumatic Fever and Rhuematic Heart Disease. Information gathered is passed on to clinics and health centers for their records. Kenyan- Heart also holds public talks and training seminars on prevention of Rheumatic Heart Disease for individuals and groups e.g. Chief Barazas, School Assemblies and Religious Gatherings. Those trained go on to become Trainers of Trainers (ToTs) enabling a more thorough dessimnation of information across communities. 

What do we do?
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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Factors Prevention
Are you at risk? Find out more about this critical issue.
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Read some interesting Kenyan-Heart material.
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World Heart Day
Kenyan-Heart joins other countries around the world in marking World Heart Day every September.
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Rheumatic Heart Disease Prevention Program
Kenyan-Heart's CORE business is the Prevention of Heart Diseases and in particular Rheumatic Heart Disease.
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Talking Walls
The “Kenyan-Heart Talking Walls” are Yet another tool for imparting knowledge & information on How to Prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease.
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Kenyan-Heart Clubs
Kenyan-Heart Clubs showcase their Creative activities with the aim of Spreading the Message of Rheumatic Heart Disease Prevention.
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Local Committees Involvement
Kenyan-Heart Selects Leaders of various Groups right from the Grassroot & Educates them... once Empowered with this knowledge (they) are able to now Reach others from their Communities
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Treatment Program
For some prevention is no longer an option. For those who require urgent medical intervention, Kenyan-Heart makes an effort to assist needy patients access treatment.
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