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Dr. Wanyoike

Dr. Wanyoike has been practising medicine for the last 22 years and cardiology for the last 13 years. He previously worked as a physician/cardiologist at Nairobi Heart Clinic, Karen hospital. He holds a MB ChB and Masters of internal Medicine, University Of Nairobi. He has studied cardiology in Netherlands, India, USA , and South Africa


Dr. Mugera

Dr Anne Mugera is a physician in internal medicine at the national referral hospital, the Kenyatta National Hospital where she has been a team member of the cardiology unit since September 2009. From 2002 to 2004 Dr Mugera worked as clinic medical officer in Accident and Emergency department of the Nairobi Hospital. Dr Mugera is a member of the Kenya Association of Physicians as well as the Kenya Cardiac Society.
Dr Mugera has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from People's Friendship University Moscow, Russian Federation and Master in Medicine (Internal Medicine) from University of Nairobi, Kenya and is licensed by the Medical Practioners and Dentist Board.


Alice Ndong

Alice has over 12 years experience in local and International nutrition, running a Nutrition Practice and Nutrition Mentoring Program, where she has helped create nutrition leaders working in different institutions in Kenya, Uganda, Southern Sudan and Somali Land. She has successfully managed nutrition conditions for up to 4,000 clients since 2001. Alice also helped developed National Training materials for Nutrition in HIV/AIDS to be used in training of service providers and has been involved in National Surveys concerning improving nutrition status among vulnerable people, HIV/AIDS and Maternal and infant Nutrition. While working with Roche Pharmaceuticals in 2001-2006, Alice helped set up Obesity Management Projects in seven countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, and Mauritius and now runs the Kenya project as her personal Practice (Xenihealth Center).


Lemmie Maloiy

Lemmie is a graduate of Murdoch University majoring in Finance and Economics. His business experience includes 8 years in the corporate environment working for fortune 500 companies. To complement his experience and abilities Lemmie attended training with International business entrepreneur Brad Sugars and his Action team in all aspects of business including team development, systems, sales and marketing.
Lemmie's passion is helping people achieve their dreams and aspirations. This is something that he has successfully been able to do with individuals, business owners, colleagues and the sports teams he coaches

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